Our Services

GroundJet offers instant pick-up and delivery of medical and non-medical items/packages in any place in the Bay Area and other surrounding areas. Below are the types of deliveries GroundJet offers to its valued customers:

→     Stat & Super Stat Services 24/7

→     Same Day deliveries

→     After-Hour Deliveries – Your pick-up and deliveries during the night

→     Scheduled deliveries

→     Route and dedicated deliveries

Support to Other Couriers

If you are a courier/freight business that needs help with a new contract or account, please let us know.  For regular, daily, weekly or any other type of deliveries, we offer very reasonable prices. GroundJet is always ready to assist you.

Tracking Your Delivery

We have made it easy for our customers to track their deliveries via phone calls and by text message. We always keep our customers updated regarding their deliveries from the pick-up point to the Drop-off point and make sure it is delivered at right time to the right place. Our drivers are always connected with our dispatch and handle all of our tracking calls.

GroundJet is always available to serve you with your deliveries, 24/7.

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