Our Services

GroundJet offers instant pick-up and delivery of medical and non-medical items/packages in the Bay Area and other parts of northern California. Below are the types of deliveries GroundJet offers to its valued customers:

→     Stat & Super Stat Services (Direct & Rush) 24/7

→     Same Day deliveries

→     After-Hour Deliveries – Your pick-up and deliveries during the nights, holidays, and weekends

→     Scheduled deliveries

→     Route and dedicated deliveries

We provide any types of vehicles to fulfil your delivery needs. (Small hybrid sedans, cargo vans, and box trucks) 




Partnership & Support to other Couriers & Businesses – If you are a courier/freight business that needs help with implementation and operations of a new or existing contract or account, please contact us.  For regular, daily, weekly or any other type of deliveries, we offer very reasonable prices.