Why GroundJet

“Fast and Reliable delivery guaranteed”

  • Equipped with advanced courier technology system where all our valued customers and clients can place their orders online from any computer, tablets and mobile devices and track their pick-up and delivery status. The software is very friendly-use and is available for Android and iOS devices.
  • Since we are not a big business and do not have additional administrative costs. Our prices are very reasonable.
  • We believe both in customer service and our partners satisfaction.
  • Our team are both owners of the business as well as drivers.
  • More than 10 years of courier experience in Bay Area.
  • All our team members hold commercial licenses.
  • We offer the best and reasonable prices in the market
  • Easy to track the status of your delivery both by phone and email and expect instant answers.
  • We believe in a green environment so most of our operating vehicles are small hybrid cars.
  • Well-Trained and uniformed Drivers
  • We never make commitments we cannot fulfill.¬† If we cannot deliver it in the time frame expected, we let you know.